Thursday 22 September 2011

Born Again Virgins

I recently did a blog about purity rings, in that blog I touch on “born again virgins” and you guys had a lot to say on the matter so I figured I may as well turn it into a blog of its own.

Once again I have nothing against people who decided not to have sex before marriage. My problem is with the title and the lengths some people go to.

The title is stupid, you’re not a “born again virgin”, you’re playing hard to get. Really hard to get, a ring and “I do” hard to get but it’s not like you’re nun or anything.

You may regret your first but you don’t get a do over. It doesn’t work like that. Once a penis cuts the ribbon you can’t superglue it back together.

No amount of praying will grow your hymen. Some women understand that and go to extreme lengths and have something called a hymenorrhaphy. Basically they have their hymen reconstructed. Women who go that far clearly have more money than brains. Why would anyone do that? Was the feeling of your hymen ripping the first time that enjoyable? That’s just plain old crazy.

I’ll never understand why they need a title anyways. No one cares what is or has entered and left your vagina. If you believe you made a mistake by having sex unmarried why on earth would you give it a title and draw attention to that mistake? It just doesn’t make any sense in my books.

The term was coined by fundamentalist Christians who put a lot of importance on stay pure. That’s all well and good but they also teach that God forgives and that forgiveness makes you pure again. It’s kind of like forgive and forget. He’ll forgive you and not hold it against you but he still knows you had sex.

He also knows you asked for forgiveness. He’s like Santa Clause; he knows when you’ve been good or bad so if he knows, why the hell does the rest of world have to know. What God’s forgives isn’t good enough for you; you need a special title too? You’re not a “born again virgin” you’re wannabe virgin and that’s pathetic.

I’d also like to point out, nobody in their right mind chooses to give up sex; sex chooses to give up you. And instead of admitting you’re in a dry spell, you play the “born again virgin” card. Everyone sees through that. We all know what it really means. So give it up.

I thought we were meant to embrace our mistake, that’s how we learn and grow as people. “Born again virgin” is a copout. No matter how many birthday candles you wish on you’re not a virgin.  You’re someone who feels they made a mistake by having sex before marriage. That is fine. But put on your big girl panties, drop the stupid the title and own it.

Anyways that’s my rant on the matter why do you guys think?

Stay safe, Love,

The Honest Bitch


  1. I would like to resubmit my "let's gang rape all the born again virgins" comment from last time.

  2. That's so wrong but it always makes me laugh lol :-)

  3. If nothing else THB you're always good for a laugh. :-)

  4. I think anyone who calls themselves born again virgins should be forced to become nuns, if you regret having sex, don't do it again, case closed

  5. I agree with Dead,they should be forced to become a nun. Why would you want to marry someone without knowing if they're any good in bed?

  6. It does come off as an immature reaction to their "first time" not being everything they wanted it to be. Or maybe they've got reputations as promiscuous so they're play-pretending that they're virgins again as a kind or do-over lol.

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  9. Yes I do @TheHonestBitch and I'll be sure to check your blog out

  10. Honest B i agree with you 100% i lost my viginity and i regret it but i still am moving on. i just decided to ppromise myself that i wont have sex till im married because i just feel like the only thing a guy wants is sex and once this get they move on. n i relized that sex doesnt make a man love you and a baby wont make him stay. But the decision im making is because i want to find a man that would love and understand why im waiting. But im not going to b a hipocrate like others and say im a reborn virgin it doesnt exist. Once that penis is in you that it no going back you cant reverse the fact that a man touched you. All you can do is move on learn from your mistake and wait for the right guy to come in your life.

  11. Personally I agree with this whole blog. EXCEPT in the cases of being raped. I know from personal experience that being raped isn't something anyone wants to have happen to you because you are treated differently if people find out. Thanks to family members some of my exs did find out. And no I don't go around flaunting the fact that I was raped. But in my mind when you loose your virginity its a scared thing you loose and its not just physical, its also a mental thing. So even though I was raped and am physically not a virgin in my mind I still am because I did not WILLINGLY give up my virginity.

    1. I completely agree with you on that, it has to be consensual otherwise doesn't and shouldn't count

  12. I think the idea is basically being absintent until love comes around. It's just a nick name for the opposite of whore.

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  14. Very descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?