Friday, 9 July 2010

Texting Code

I was talking with someone who doesn’t understand the need for some people to text all day long, and he also doesn’t understand there is an unspoken code of texting.

I am someone who tends to text a fair bit and in the past I have been knew to text all day long. What people don’t understand when your texting all day with the same person, it isn’t one conversation; it’s like a million little ones. “You wouldn’t believe what I just heard”, “Damn that guy was hot”, “He was asking about you again”. There is always something to say. It’s not like we sit around texting, we text what’s happing in our life, as it happens. It’s just like updating you status on facebook or twitter.

Now for the texting code....

LOL – If the lol is at the start of the message, the person is laughing at what you said, if the lol is at the end of their are laughing at what they have said.

If a person use lol as punctuation it means everything is light hearted

!!!! – Either means they REALLY mean it or reply quickly

X – The amount of x’s makes different things.

You have the base line x is the amount they normally put at the end of a message. It some cases each contract may have different x baseline (e.g. 1 x for friends of the same sex, 2 for different sex and 3 for good friends and people you want to sleep with)

Any things less than the base line means they’re unhappy

Anything more means they’re into you at the moment.

Over use of the x means either they have said something mean and are trying to keep

you from getting mad or they want to fuck you.

No x’s means the person is very mad

Ha ha – is a sarcastic laugh

He he – is a guy thing, it started because of the over use of lol

I can’t think of anything others at the moment but if I do I will add them

Stay safe

Queen Bee x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Don’t you love karma? I’m sure you all remember Lee and the how he mistreated me. I’ve come to find out he’s been in a relationship with a girl since 2008. How did I find this out you may ask? Her twin sister messaged me on facebook (my life is better than any soap opera).

From what I can piece together this girl’s twin sister doesn’t like Lee and has thought he’s been cheating on her sister from some while. I’m not sure how she found me but I was happy to share with her the pictures and messages he’s sent me. She’s going to give Lee one chance to tell her sister if he won’t she will.

Lee better hope I never see him again because not only did he lie to his baby’s mother, he lied to me! That isn’t a smart move. If he hadn’t of fucked me off I may have asked him who this girl was before I told her or at least gave him a heads but since he fucked with me I want in on his down fall.

Anyways I need to go to sleep. Always remember never fuck with a hockey girl

Queen Bee x

The cost of being single

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Get Out Of My Head

Hey Guys,

I’m snuggled up in bed thinking about Mr. X. It’s kind of funny because I’ve spent a lot of the evening telling him I don’t have “real” feeling for him, now when I’m alone in bed I can’t get him out of my head.

I stand by my word I don’t have romantic feelings for him. He is someone I enjoy talking to, enjoy flirting with and I feel comfortable with. However he isn't the boyfriend type. He’s someone I could see myself having an affair with though.

I wish I could I could get him out of mind head. He’s a lovely guy but he’s bad news. Not to mention he doesn't want me either. People forget a relationship is a two person thing and in this case we both don’t want to go there. He’s made his feelings crystal clear and mine are in writing.

Anyways it’s bed time.

Queen Bee x

Monday, 5 July 2010

July 5th 2010

Hey Dolls,

I’m sat on bed thinking about a fact I use to agree with. The fact is “When the number of people you’ve slept with exceeds your age. You are a slut”.
Of course when I agreed on that fact my number was lower than my age. My number is now higher than my age and all I can do is try and keep my number lower than the amount of years I plan to live.

I don’t see myself as a slut. I don’t sleep with every guy I meet, I do have standards and I do know things about the guys I fucked. Yes, I have had a few one night stands, but I did take the time to learn something about them. I also haven’t had a real one nightstand in years. I don’t regret anyone I’ve slept with. I have learned a lot from them, it’s just a shame that the thing I’m best at is only seen is the bed room. Maybe porn is my calling.

Anyways my loves I need to go and talk to some very sexy men

Be safe

Queen Bee x

Sunday, 4 July 2010



It’s a well known fact that me and relationships end badly. Anyone will tell you relationships don’t change me. I’m always me but for some reason dating me turns men in crazy mush balls. They’re all strong and manly when we start dating and after a few weeks they all overly mushy, spineless and so clingy. I like my men to be strong and tough, the only place where I don’t mind mushy is in bed.

I understand that I’m a strong person, but every woman wants a guy that can look after them. I’m not someone that would let my guy fight my battles but it’s nice when they offer. I don’t often need someone shoulder to cry on, but it’s nice to think that you’re boyfriend is strong enough to be there for you if you need them.

I don’t think right now there is anyone in my life that could be my boyfriend. I kind of feel that the guys around me now, could be broken easily. I’m happy just having a laugh as long as it stays fun. I hate it when I’m having fun and guy decides to grow feelings. Why ruin a good thing with feelings? If they’re something more there it’ll turn into more. There is no reason to force it.

All my best relationships have just happened. You know those relationships that start with you hanging out, just having a laugh, and just being friends getting closer and closer? Those relationships wear you can’t actually say when you started dating, it just happened. Those are my kind of relationships. No stress, no drama and no evil L word.

Anyways my dears, I’m off.

Queen Bee x

4th of July 2010

Hey Dolls,

Canada Day was a bust; I ended up leaving London at 7:30pm. The music that they were playing really wasn't my cup of tea and seeing as I was driving, I couldn’t drink to make the day more fun. The person I was with was pissing me off too, so that didn’t help either. On the Brightside I did have a few good moments and talked to a lot of nice people from back home.

I had a chat with one of the Native American dancers, which reminded me a lot of being back home. There is a lot of Native American blood in my family. I actually have close family that still live on the reservation. So it’s always nice to be reminded of where I come from. Even if the person comes from different tribe, a lot of the beliefs and traditions are the same.

As I’m sure you know Native American often receive names based on their character and strengths or even from events that have happened to them. I think it’s crazy that two different people could give me the same name but I guess that means they got it right. I gave a friend a name after Canada day. He just remembers me of the lessons the bear. So for now on he shall be known as Bear. I can’t decided on big or little bear, so just bear will do for now.

Anyways, I need to get some sleep.

Queen Bee x