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Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the past week and even more crying and I’ve come to the conclusion I
need to refocus my effort on my blogging. I was in a very fortunate place that when I lost my job, my blogging was able to keep me afloat and since re-entering  the work force I seem to have let slip this community that always had my back and for that I’m sorry.

Canadian Thanksgiving hasn’t long past and this year more than most; I need to take a step backwards and just be grateful for what I have. Yes, there are a lot of things going on in my life I am deeply unhappy about, but I need to try and remember there are also many things in my life I wouldn’t change for the world.

The numbers may lean more one way or the other, but that’s life and those sort of things shape us into the people we are and give us the strength to be the people we’re going to be.

Sometime in life we get so swept up in the things we wish we could change that we forget to enjoy the things in life we wish will never change.

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone or happy early thanksgiving to my American friends.
Love Always,

The Honest Bitch 

Sunday 28 October 2012


Normally in my blogs I try to give advice or words of wisdom so you guys can learn from my many, many mistakes but in this blog I need your advice.

It’s my cousin’s 21st soon and I was planning on sending her some lovely flowers and chocolates for her birthday. But then someone pointed out something that has been bugging me for a while and now I’m not sure I want to bother.

When I lived in Canada we were super close. We saw each other almost every day and when I moved we stayed close until 3 years ago when she had her daughter. Even though we weren’t as close as we use to be I’ve always made a point of sending gifts over for her daughter.

She’s a full time student, lives with her boyfriend at her parents’ house and has a nearly 3 year old daughter so I figure money must be tight so I don’t expect anything back. But what has irked me is she never says thank you.

Last Christmas I spent £120 on her daughter (that’s almost $200) and she didn’t even tell me the present arrived. When I asked her in February about it she said “yeah”, and her daughter loved it but she hated it (It was an annoying Sesame Street Lets Rock Elmo so that’s how it should be.) But she never said thank you.

I know she has a kid but last time I checked they ruin your body not your manners.

I’m not sure what to do now, part of me wants to send something because that’s what you do when it’s someone’s birthday but the other part of me thinks if she can’t bother with 9 key storks why should I bother?

So what you do you think, should I sent something or should I keep my money and time and put it to better use. Let me know in the comment box below.

And as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Saturday 1 October 2011

Thanks For A Great Month

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to take this chance to thank you for an amazing month, it may have started off rough but you guys have been amazing, awesome and a little evil, you know who you are (Maxwell)

It’s been a very successful month; my views are way up, almost a 1,000 more views then last month. That just proves that you are all awesome.

Also on the awesome list, Jan B over at (, who sent me a blog award. Thank you Jan.  Be sure to check out that site.

I just wanted to take this chance to thank you. Here’s to another great month and more importantly here’s to a great hockey season.

Stay safe my dears and Go Leafs Go.


The Honest Bitch