Friday, 14 January 2011


“I don’t want to date you because I don’t want to end up in your blog.”

Because of that quote I’ve grown a little weary of guys that go from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. I kind of feel like they’re testing me, they just want to see what I will put in my blog and what I won’t.

What and what not I’ll put in my blog depends greatly on who you are. I have a different policy for boyfriends, causal dates, crushes and friends. Not to mention how I’ll write about you is very dependent on your attitude and actions towards me. I don’t create villains in my blogs, if you do nothing wrong, I have nothing bad to write about you. It’s not rocket science.

As a rule I don’t write about boyfriends unless they’re ok with it. It’s respect thing more than anything. I actually had a boyfriend a while back; we dated 6 or 7 months and as you know I didn’t talk mention him. He wasn’t even aware I had a blog. It just didn’t feel right talking behind his back.

Men I date on the other hand are fair game. I see it like this, I don’t get a choice in the other people he may be dating so why should he get a say in what I write? Also who on earth would be able to say for sure who I’m writing about. Only a handful of people know who I am and the odds of them knowing the guy are slim to none. I mean I don’t introduce my random dates to my friends.

When I’m writing about people who know who I am I just try and keep their personality in mind. It won’t affect what I say but it does affect how I’ll say it. Someone people like a spoon full of sugar with their bitchiness, others are man enough to take it straight.

People who don’t know who I am, I write about in whatever way I feel like at the time. Whatever my mood is is how they’ll be spoken about. Like I said before I don’t create villains so I’m always fair about what I write and how I write it. If they’re nice, I’m nice. If they’re mean, I’m a the biggest bitch knew to man, Karma

Anyway dolls I’m heading off. Stay Safe.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


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