Wednesday 26 January 2011

Why am I repeatedly dreaming this?

I’ve been having the same dream for a couple of weeks and I’ve decided to share it with you guys in an attempt to stop having it. (Wish me luck)

The Dream:

I’m laying in bed wear purple pyjamas, I open my eyes and look to my right there is Mr. X he’s in grey t –shirt and dark red boxers. Its clear nothing sexual has happen before this, it just looks like we feel asleep talking. We look at each other and smile, nothing is said and then we close our eye and go back to sleep.

There isn’t much to the dream and the fact I keep having it seems a little weird to me. So I’ve decided to make good use out of the dream dictionary I got for Christmas and see if that shines a little light on this dream.


I was wearing purple and that means- surrender, altruism, and perfection

Mr. X was wearing gray - dedication and service

And he had on red – strength, dynamism, sensuality, power and vitality

He was on my right side which is the more logical and confident side

We were in the bedroom which is a place of safety, were we can relax and be as sensual as we want.

He was someone I dated once as the means sexuality connected.

Smile – means you’re happy or pleased


I have surrendered the power in the relationship to Mr. X. I’ve given up the fight. There is still a little sexual chemistry but I’m happy and confident in my decision.

I really didn’t need to have that dream 30 times to work that out. I know I gave up that fight. I stopped caring and when you stop caring about something you stop fight for it.

In other news, why didn’t my beloved dream catcher stop that dream for coming back and hunting me?

Anyways Dolls I'm off to bed. Stay Safe


The Honest Bitch


  1. You stopped caring about Mr. X?

  2. It’s not that I’ve stopped caring about him as a person. I’ve just stopped caring if there anything between us. Whatever sparks may or may not be there doesn’t seem worth the fight anymore. Whatever happens happens. I’m not going to fight for it.

  3. when there are dreams that are bothering you , and not a right feeling to your senses, such as knowing intuitively that your dream is some what caused by a negative being. right then and there prayer to lord for help in the name of jesus christ is the only way. I know this through personal experience. Make sure not to use his name in vain. Try to desperately seek the lord, the lord that sent jesus to earth to save humankind that is , the lord that spoke to us through jesus christ to free us from sin. Look to prayer not dreamcatcher you will be happy you did. God bless you