Sunday 9 January 2011

Men Born In The Wrong City

Hey Dolls,

I’m thinking about the few guys I’ve actually clicked with in this country. I’m sure you remember my theory that there is an ocean between land masses for a reason, and you shouldn’t date people who are not from your land mass. So I’m thinking about why I’ve managed to find 2 guys here that I’ve liked.

Clearly those two are Chicken Man and Mr. X. After thinking about it long and hard I’ve decided they have a non English attitude. Chicken Man is well travelled so I can blame his attitude on that. He reminds me of someone from Toronto. He’s a little rude in a way you can’t get made about. He comes off nice but in is privet he’s just a bit of a bitch.

Then we have Mr. X who is clearly a New Yorker. He’s wrapped up in his own world, a lot of attitude, could be mistaken for rude and not understood by outsiders. He rarely reads my blogs so I may get away with this. Plus I think that’s the nicest thing I’ve said in a while.

You’ve heard of men born in the wrong body, well these are men that were born in the wrong city. English people have a unique sense of humour and a way about them. I need to find someone on this island who doesn’t necessarily lacks those English traits but has them in a Canadian friendly dose. In 10 years I’ve found 2....I’m screwed.

Anyways my dears I’m heading to bed to dream about a Chicken Man that’s still in this country or a Mr. X that is dateable.

Nighty Night

The Honest Bitch


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