Monday 17 June 2013

Won't Justify Tequila

“You need to find out when X is getting married so we can plan ahead and make sure we have an ample tequila supply.”  - Nat

I understand where my dear friend is coming from by sending me the above message but do I really come across as a precious flower that is going to fall to pieces because a guy I may have, sort of, had some sort of feelings for once upon a time, is getting married?

I know my friends are coming from a good place but they make it sound like I should be on a suicide watch or I’m going to bust in the chapel to stop the wedding or something. Do people even do that? I mean if everyone got that upset over someone they once had feelings for getting married wouldn’t the world cease to function?

Don’t get me wrong, I have no plans on turning down free tequila but I’m fine and don’t feel like I should have to justify that.

Plus, everyone knows marriage isn’t forever lol

Anyways my dears, what was the last thing you felt you shouldn’t have to justify? Let me know in the comment box below and always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 


  1. Sex. Sad but true, I run across of gay men who thing that casual sex is wrong, and anyone who engages in casual sex drives down their image in the community... Yeah, the irony is so painful it makes my brain hurt. How who anyone else fucks has this do anything to your image? Anyway.... I make no excuses. But I stay away from tequila. That shit bites you back.

    1. What a dick. That's like saying a poorly dressed gay made reflexes poorly on the community. actually it's more like saying a fantastically dressed straight man reflexes poorly on the gay community.

      It really does but that shit agrees with me, as long as I don't mix it with vodka.....that gets nasty and messy and really gross lol :-)

    2. Tequila is like Old Testament god... It is jealous and wants you all to itself;$

    3. lol Love it :D I'm going to have to steal that one Jamie

    4. You guys need to watch this video abou Tequila ... you are going to die laughing :)
      As for what we need to justify, we shouldn't need to justify anything. But our friends seem to always want us to justify everyting: sex, relationships, break ups etc .... If I want to have random sex with M, it might be stupid, but I don't have to justify it, right?
      Don't forget to check the video and obviously never say no to free tequila! Can I join?