Wednesday 6 February 2013

Wisdom Tooth Tourette's

I’m starting to think they’re called wisdom teeth because if you have any wisdom at all you get them removed before the little bastard’s turn your mouth into a living hell of pain and torture.

Despite being one of the few people who actually have room for their wisdom teeth to come in, mine decided they were going to be dicks. The latest tooth to cause me hell decided it was going to come in at a stupid angle. So not only is it causing my gums pain it’s chewing up my cheek at the same time turning me into a super bitch. For me pain does one of two things; makes me cry or makes me angry, this tooth has done the latter. It’s also given me what I call “wisdom tooth Tourette's”.

I’ll be talking normally then I’ll move my jaw in a way that causes my tooth to be a dick and mid-sentence I’ll start swearing saying something like “you dick, you fucking dick.” I have no ability to control this, it’s like my brain is too busy plotting to bite the dentist that it has no time to stop the onslaught of four letter words flying out of my mouth.

Luckily I have an appointment tomorrow to see and possible bite my dentist (he did an X-rays like two months ago you think he could have warned me this was coming). Hopefully he can sort this out. I really don’t want to get it pulled; the image of last time still haunts me. Sitting in the dentist chair for over an hour while the dental nurse holds my head and the dentist pulled at the tooth. I still have nightmares but this is a different dentist so fingers crossed it goes better.

Anyways I’m going to go and swear; before you say anything the MythBusters proved swearing helps to deal with pain so :-P Let me know how you deal with pain in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 


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  2. Ho God! a few months ago I had wisdom tooth pain...I agree with you it is not pretty at all :/ ....I tried all remedies possible even the most unconventional ones!!! well pain left just the way it came alone!!! bitch!!!

    Was in such pain I even wrote a post about it lol well its seems that pain is gone now and hopefully wont come back :)

    hope yours too, don't wish this to my worth enemy ....well may be I do :P

    Tc and good luck :)

    1. I hope it doesn't come back on you, it's evil. thanks, I just got back from the dentist he gave me 2 different antibiotics and 2 different mouthwashes, apparently it's amazing I can open and close my mouth at all. That can't be good sign lol

      Tc hun

  3. Dentists are my worst nightmare! And as you pointed out, you would think he could have given you little warning, but they never do. They always wait until it gets really bad, and then they have to do something complicated, painful - and most importantly expensive! I hate them so much !! I know they make a lot of money, but I think that is the one profession I will never date.

    PS: I feel like shit too. I swear I feel like I swallowed a bunch of knives, which were too big so now they are stuck in my throat. So painful! Too bad there is a continent between us. Could have been fun to be miserable together, huh? :) Feel better very soon!

    1. I always said won't date a dentist but I don't know, my new dentist hot and funny but most hot. Not my type at all but once again he's hot lol

      It is a shame it's true what they say misery really does love company. Doesn't sounds like you're having much fun either. You take care and get well soon. I need my internet partner in crime :-P

    2. He should be half naked doing underwear ads hot. Him wearing clothes should be against the law. He's like 5"10 tanned, dark hair, dark eyes, very fit. I want one

    3. Seems very illegal .. When is the next appointment?

    4. Not till May around my birthday he'd make a good birthday present lol