Saturday 2 February 2013

The Honest Bitch Uses Four Lettered Words

On what fucking planet is this an acceptable message to send to someone? “Hi sexy lady u need cock yet”

I kid you not I received this message from a guy who is almost 30 years old. He has two fucking kids. How is this acceptable from someone who is meant to be a grown ass man? 

I don’t even have a blog based around this message, I’m too fucked off. I just want this out there so the next time someone asks why I’m such a bitch, the answer is clear. I’m a bitch because men made me this fucking way.

Would it kill people to use their fucking brain once in awhile? I mean what did he think I’d say? “Come over now, I want your cock”? Dream on buddy, I have standards and self respect. What a fucking slimy creep.

Anyways since I’ve told you what turns me into a bitch, what turns you into one? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and murder asshole men safely.

-The Honest Bitch 


  1. What. A. Fucking. Weirdo.

    You should have replied with "Wrong number. BTW, you kiss your kids with that filthy mouth?"

    What makes me a bitch? Where do I begin... Assholes, lack of respect, lack of appreciation, dysfunctional jobs, people who lie, people who are two-faced, people who talk to me like I'm retarded,... I could go on for awhile.

  2. If I were a bitch it would have to be because I choose to be. Anything else is just a lame excuse.