Friday 28 December 2012

Mr. X Q&A

"As promised here is Mr. X’s Q&A, I have to admit this wasn’t as emotionally scarring as I thought it would be. Thank you all for your questions, and as for the ones that were clearly just you screwing with him for your own personal amusement….You rock! That's why I love my readers J" 

1) How much does he think he will regret not marrying you? On a scale of 1 to 10, and of course an explanation is required 

I'll have to say 1. If it was any other score, I would have changed things by now, right? Invading Honest Bitch's subconscious doesn't count as making a genuine effort.

2) Does Mr. X find your blog more insightful or insulting?

 I find the Honest Bitch's blog interesting. It swings from insightful to insulting like a pendulum. Consistently and like clockwork

3) You said he has a girlfriend now; I want to know if there are ever moments he wishes she was you?

Wow, everyone wants to hook me and Honest Bitch up, don't they?

4) Has the fact she's a blogger affected your relationship?

No, why would it? Women talk. At least I can see what Honest Bitch has to say!

5) Explain how you have at least 2 women into you when you're such a dick?

I'd like to thank Taylor Swift for this question. All men are dicks and the reality women should accept is that most women are attracted to bad boys. Why? Because a nice boy is boring.

6) Does the Honest Bitch write about everything that happens between you or does she leave things out. If she does, does the things she decides not to write about bother you?

Honest Bitch does leave things out but it doesn't bother me. It's her blog, it's her business. Much like I have my man closet and it is my business.

7) Has Mr. X every thought about starting his own blog?

I have one but to share with you the link would be to share my identity. I'd prefer to avoid the hate mail from Taylor Swift and co.

8) Would you ever set THB up with one of your friends?

No. I think Honest Bitch is an attractive and charismatic woman. She can get her own men (even her taste in men is appalling).

9) We hear about your screw ups, but has The Honest Bitch ever hurt you? And if so have you forgiven her?

I have very thick skin. I didn't get to be like this by being soft.

10) If you had one wish for The Honest Bitch what would it be?

I want her to find a man that will treat her right and make her happy.


  1. No offense, but Mr.X's answers are pretty boring. I hope his blog is better than his super mellow and rather not so insightful answers to this Q&A. Just saying what I think, as usual. I could be very wrong about his true personality, but all I have to go on are these answers, and they are not flattering. Plus, which guy in his right mind refers to Taylor Swift?

    1. I found Taylor Swift funny but only because I know that question was asked by a guy.

      Reason 2 I love my readers they will always speak their my mind no matter what....couldn't ask for more. :-)

  2. The questions were a bit dull. Was I meant to give "Mock the Week" style answers? And I get Taylor Swift rammed down my throat by my female friends.
    Throw me a better question and I'll see what I can do.
    Mr. X

    1. Too easy to blame your female friends for the Taylor Swift reference. Your female friends didn't write your answers for you, did they?
      What motivated this Q&A anyways? I am curious. Why did you feel like interacting with her followers?
      And about you saying you have thick skin, are you trying to say you were never hurt by the HB or any other girl our there?

    2. I've not hurt him...yet. That happens to be my new year's resolution :-)

  3. Sorry OneBigMistake but that was the reality of the situation. Who should I blame for my knowledge of Taylor Swift? Osama Bin Laden? No, that would make me an American...
    The Q&A was provoked by people asking the Honest Bitch some questions, me answering and then we decided to do something more official, so HB could blog it.
    HB never hurt. Plenty of other girls have.
    And all the questions pour out of you now? You couldn't have thrown some of these to HB when she asked for questions?!
    Mr. X

    1. I did ask one question. It is on the list. I just thought your answer to it would be a little more witty - more like this answer :)
      Not sure I get the Osama Bin Laden reference. Perhaps it is my American ignorance lol

  4. Can I suggest a blog called OneBigMistake Interrogates Mr. X?.....just for my personal amusement lol

    1. This threesome blogging is even more amusing, don't you think? And yes, I did find a way to make a sexual reference :)

    2. I think you're right there lol I was waiting for the sexual references to start :-)

  5. I'm a cruel bastard, not a comedian!
    Mr. X