Tuesday 13 November 2012

Outside The Box

We all know by now when it comes to thinking none of mine is done inside the box. I’m a little out there but some of my theories aren’t that crazy or at least I don’t think they’re that crazy.

My theory on why exes come back around long after a breakup comes to mind. I think my theory is completely logical; my friends on the other hand do not.

Most women would like to think their exes come crawling back because their exes still love them and that love conquers all and all that other fairytale bullshit.

I’m not that stupid; I know love isn’t what’s dragging them back. My theory makes much more sense than that, its lust that is dragging them back. That’s the part of my theory most people can agree on.

Here’s where it gets a little less agreeable.

I believe the time since the break up and how good you are in bed are directly proportional. My logic being if someone isn’t good in bed you wouldn’t put in the time or effort to stalk them. I mean your hand is a much more time efficient solution. If someone is willing to chase you after 10 years there is a reason and it sure as hell isn’t love. My theory is........its skill.

I may be crazy but I’ll leave that up to you to decide, so what do you say, am I crazy or does my theory make some sense? And while you’re at it tell me what strange theories you have? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch


  1. I think a lot of the exes returning is due to nostalgia and searching for their comfort zone. You can live in a rocky relationship for years, but then many, many years later, our minds have a way of erasing a lot of the bad stuff and only remembering the good ol' days. Sometimes the explanation can be as simple as a mid-life crisis. I have friends who were married several years--bad marriage all the way around, horrible divorce--they HATED each other for YEARS!!!! Next thing I know, they just announced on Facebook that they are engaged!!! Huh??? Didn't see that one coming after being apart for 20 years! In this case it has to be more than just the sex,,,doesn't it?

    1. In that case I think they both took some crazy pills. I hope it was sex, otherwise mankind is in trouble lol

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