Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dream: Switching Off

I had a strange and disturbing dream last night and because a lot of you share those characteristics (Maxwell) I thought I’d share the dream with you.

The dream took place in a long, dark, museum like hallway with offset lighted pedestals lining either side.  

I was on this purple floating moving platform with Mr. X. He was the museum docent. On each of the lighted pedestals was a half naked gorgeous guy. As we pulled up to each of these gorgeous guys Mr. X would talk about them.

“This is Nick, he’s 28 from BC, he plays hockey and is hung like a horse.”  Then just as I was starting to drool over the guy, Mr. X would say something like “Yes, hung horse but he could never measure up to my personality. Then the light on the pedestal would go black and we’d move on to the next one.

“This Scott, he’s 29 from New York, he’s the lead singer in an up and coming band.” “He can sing but he’ll never have my sense of humour.” Then the light would go off.

And this kept going on and on and on, “this is Jeremy he looks perfect doesn’t he?” “Wrong! He lacks my ability to tell it how it is.” There were about 50 different guys and one after another the lights would turn off. Until I just couldn’t take anymore. I ended up jumping off this moving platform and running for the museum exit (not easy in the dark).

I ended up waking up before I manage to find my way out of there. The dream was so weird and disturbing, I struggled to fall back to sleep after it.

I have no idea what the meaning behind that dream was and I have a feeling I don’t want to know. The female mind is a scary place at the best of times. Have any of you ever had a dream like that?

I’m heading off for the night and fingers cross this doesn’t become a reoccurring dream. Stay safe guys.


The Honest Bitch 


  1. I think your conscious self needs to fuck one of these super-hot guys in front of Mr. X to sort out the shit going on in your subconscious.

  2. I fully agree with you. It may be the only way to sort this out.

    Plus it's always better with an audience ;-)

  3. Your dreams always make me feel better about mine lol x

  4. OMG ! That is pretty weird, but I agree you need to get one of the hot guys and let Mr. X deal with his own insecurities about what he susposedly has over them!