Saturday 20 August 2011

A Blogger's Most Hated Question

There is one question I hate more than any other. And that question is..... Is this going to end up in your blog?

Why do people even ask? I’m a blogger. If they do something blog worthy of course I’m going to write about it. And the more a person bitches and moans about it the more likely I am to make them look like an idiot.

I’m never sure when people ask if something is going to end up in my blog or not if they’re asking because they want or don’t want to be in it. We live in a time where everyone tweets and updates their status every 5 minutes, basically everyone is an attention whore so it only stands to reason they’d want a mention in a blog too, even if it does make them sound bitchy, whiny and needy.

I’m a reasonable person...for the most part, and I don’t write about everything. I do exorcise a little decorum. There are just some things I wouldn’t share without the person’s permission (provide they know about my blog). What? They don’t call me a bitch for nothing.

Most of the time if a person would just dropped it; they wouldn’t end up in my blog in the first place. But when people make a scene and kick and scream they make it more entertaining and therefore a better blog so I have no choice but to write about it.

The solution is simple if you don’t want to end up in my blog don’t do anything stupid and if you want to end up in my blog, keep being stupid because I can never have too much blog material.

Anyways I’m off. As always guys stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


  1. This is why I haven't told any of my IRL friends about my blog. Because fuck them, I'm going to blog about them if they do something blogworthy. Good or bad.

  2. Smart move :-)

    There is only a handful of my friends who know about this blog, it just turns out they're cry babies (not all) but most.

    On the brightside there drama gives me more to write about.

  3. Well said, I fucking hate that question.

  4. ugh. i've been shit on a few times now for writing about other people on my blog. but i use pseudonyms, and like you said, if they're gonna act stupid...

  5. Hi thanks for the follow. I really like your blog.

  6. Yup, this is why my friends don't know my blog's address. I write about them all!