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Wednesday 26 October 2011

Too Few

I’ve been having this conversation for many years now and after getting into last night with someone I even posted it as my question of the day. The question is.

Does a guy who has only slept with a few people (1 or 2) set off warning flags in your mind?

In my mind it does set off warning bells. My logic is guys are horn-dogs, and it’s not like they’re going to say no. So there must be something wrong with him because clearly no one else wanted to sleep with him.

I mean it’s all in the math, the average person loses their virginity at 17, so if they’ve only slept with 2 people by the age of 30 that’s one person every 6.5 years. If you can only convince someone to sleep with you every half a decade there is something clearly not right there.

Some people have brought up the point that maybe the guy has always been in serious relationships and that’s why his number is so low. I can understand that thinking but then that sends out a whole different set of warning signs to me and many questions.

Why did the relationships end after so long? How long does he take to rebound? Is he clingy? Did he cheat? A women’s mind is a scary place. Also remember you’re talking about 2 relationships that lasted 4, 5 or 6 years. Or maybe one 10 year relationship and a rebound shag. It leaves a lot questions that need an answer.

I think it’s only natural for women to want their man to be more experienced then themselves. I’m sure it goes back to caveman days. So when they find out the guy they like is lacking in experience it’s a little unnerving.

Don’t get me wrong by no means is it a deal breaker. It just makes the female mind start ticking over and fault finding. If you have nothing to hide and aren't a weirdo you should be ok....most of the time.

This is just my opinion on the matter and I’m sure you’ll share yours with me. I’m heading off for the night. As always stay safe.


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