Friday 19 October 2012

Lesson Learned

While researching an upcoming blog I came across a lot of ridiculous dating rules and my first response was “if you have to implement any special rules in a relationship, the relationship isn’t worth it.”

It seems completely logical, if you can’t make a relationship work with common decency, it’s just not meant to be, you shouldn’t need stupid little rules to make it work.

As logical as this seems to me now, this was one lesson I had to learn.

A few years back when I was dating The Grinch, I put in place the “teddy clause”.  This was a rule that stated every time he messed up and made me cry he had to buy me a teddy bear.

My thought behind it was if he had to send money and go to girly places to buy teddy bears every time he messed up he might change his attitude. Kind of like a swear jar with teddy bears.

The rule was pretty much completely ineffective. I ended up with a lot of lovely teddy bears and he ended up still being a dick.

Looking back now, it’s more than clear he didn’t give a flying fuck about how his actions were affecting me. What I should have done in hindsight is dump his sorry fuck-wit ass and moved on to bigger and better things.

Nobody needs people like that in their life’s, it’s not worth that headaches and stress. Life is too short to deal with assholes.

I like to try and take something positive from all my relationships even if it’s just a lesson learned and by me sharing these lessons with you guys hopefully you won’t make my mistakes. 

So what other relationship lessons have you guys learned? Let me know in the comment box below. And as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 


  1. I learned that the common denominator in all my failed relationships I had to learn to be the kind of person I wanted to be with.

    1. I would suggest picking someone who loves you just the way you are because if you have to change to make someone else happy that person isn't worth your time.

  2. Read this great blog this morning and this blogger's mom would tell her to cure her from break ups that "break-ups sucks but divorce is worse." I think that is a great thing to learn from failed relationsips. At least it is not divorce, even thought it might feel like it sometimes.
    Anyways, here is what I think: No rules necessary and no changing who you are when you meet the right person at the right time :) that is my only advice. But I have to say that your teddy bear rule is very tempting. It could make my collection grow bigger if I met the right person lol Great post. Honest and funny.