Saturday 24 March 2012

Most Annoying Words In The English Language

Are there any more annoying words in the English language then “send me a pic”?

It’s like the modern day equitant of sharing a bed with a women and repeatedly poking her in the back while she’s trying to sleep.

Give it a fucking rest!

First of all, are men aware how whiny and needy they sound when they’re repeatedly asking? It’s like a small child throwing a temper tantrum in a grocery store because he can’t have any candy. Nobody wants to fuck a man-child.

If all you really wanted was a picture you wouldn’t have to ask, it’s called Facebook. Pretty much everyone on the planet has more than their fair share of pictures on there. But you don’t really want a picture do you? You want something to cum over but instead of being honest you take the slimy road. And then wonder why the girl is getting irritated with you.

Of course your cure to the irritation you caused is to butter us up with comments about how good we look or your “feeling” for us. You couldn’t be any more transparent. It’s pathetic.

What I don’t understand is, if your goal is to get laid how does pissing off women get you closer to that goal? It makes no sense to me.

The whole thing is just a blatant insult to our intelligence. Then men wonder why women think romance is dead. We think it’s dead because pretty much every nice thing that comes out of a man’s mouth seems to be followed by “send me pic.”

How would you like it if we related everything nice we said to a picture? Image this, you’re making out with a hot girl, it’s all going great then she says “oh you’re so hard”.....”But it looked a lot bigger in the pic.” Mood killer right? Cheapens the whole thing, and that’s what you do to us every, single time you ask.

There is a time and place for pictures and if you have to ask it’s not the right time and you don’t deserve one.

Play Safe, Love,

The Honest Bitch


  1. It's not that we want something to jizz all over - the internet is filled with that. We want something of you to jizz all over. It's a compliment and sign of intimacy. Really.

    That is, if you're a fucking retard.

    Personally, I never ask for pics. Don't want 'em. Don't care. If I'm going to masturbate, there's plenty of free videos out there. If I'm going to have sex, I'd rather actually see the naked lady than a pic.

  2. Lol :-) I'd have something to say to that if I wasn't too busy laughing

  3. I guess a video's out of the question then?

  4. Hah. Brilliant post. Can't say I've heard much of this "pic" craze, but that could just be everyone keeping it hush hush.

  5. OMG so funny and TRUE. You could also write a post about men who send random pics of their penis into our inbox - I mean men we aren't dating. It always makes me laugh and I wonder what kind of response they are looking for!!

  6. I think there should be a law passed that states when men send unsolicited pictures of their penis's women are allowed to post them online with a picture of their face so everyone can laugh.

    I don't know, they make me laugh too but on the bright side I did find out a guy I was chatting to was married that way. Sent a picture of his penis and all I saw was the bright shiny wedding band. Men aren't the brightest ;-)

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