Thursday 1 March 2012

I didn't know

Anyone who chooses to have a relationship with a blogger has to be a special type of person. Not just because every detail of your relationship is liable to be posted online, the good and the bad. But you can never use the line “I didn’t know.”

You’d think it would be easier for guys. Nobody is asking them to read between the lines like in many relationships, all they have to do is read.

Shame it never seems to work that way.

They either get whinny and bitchy about what you wrote, missing the whole point and demanding you take down the post “right this second”. Or they play dumb and say they didn’t know the post was about them.

Are you kidding me? How does a person read events that they experienced and not know it’s about them? That boggles my mind. There is no way on earth they can actually be that there?

Nothing infuriates me more than when a guy plays dumb. You may not give a shit and that’s fair enough but don’t insult my intelligence by playing dumb, I’m not buying it.

For that reason I give Mr. X a lot of credit. He may not have given a shit when I was upset but he always knew I was and why. He didn’t care but he never played dumb about it either. I respect that.

So I guess the question is do you play dumb and if so why? Or do you call it like you see it even if it might hurt someone’s feelings?

Stay safe guys, Love,

The Honest Bitch


  1. Playing dumb is easy - so yeah, I do it all the time. Mostly to just avoid a lengthier "discussion." Not worth the effort.

  2. i have to agree with maxwell - i choose whatever will get me out of there the fastest with the least hullaballoo...

  3. I seldom play dumb unless it happens to benefit me or if I simply do not feel like arguing or getting into a long discussion about something I don't care about. I'm more of an "I don't waste my breath on idiots" person, lol. I usually keep my opinion to myself unless the person asks or if it happens to be a topic I feel very strongly about. Or if I know I can have an intelligent conversation with the person without getting into a fight. If I know what I have to say will crush the person(and it is nothing important), I tend to keep it to myself. I hate seeing people cry(not because I am overly sensitive, but because I hate it and it makes me feel awkward.) Plus I don't want to hear the person whine on and on.