Friday, 6 September 2019

Drunken Blog Update

I think we’re overdue for a drunken blog, and not just because I have no clue what to write about, but because I want a valid excuse to get drunk. Normal drunken blog rules apply; I will both write and edit this post drunk and no alterations will be made once sober. So, let’s begin, shall we?
The burning question still seems to be what is going on with Tyler; So, I guess I’ll start there. Nothing, not a damn thing. Super easy question to answer. He is lovely and a complete sweetie, but that’s where that story ends. Sorry to disappoint.

The other question I’ve been getting a lot of is; what happened to Mr. Block? Once again, the answer is nothing. He could well be dead for all I know. We met and now I’m done, the fascination is over. He’s a prick, we knew that a long time ago and now he’s dead to me.

My dating life seems to be another hot topic at the moment, and I get it, this is after all a dating and relationship blog. There is nothing going on at the moment, that said, I am feeling a little more stable now, things have settled so this is something I’m more open to, then I was.

Work is the last topic I’ll touch on. I said in January, I think, I would review what I wanted to do in July. July has come and gone and I’m not there yet. I think it may well be time to move on, but for now my work family is keeping me there. I’ll review again in December, but I think I’m staying… I mean have CV’s out so maybe not but staying is the current plan. I am actually looking at doing my CPC so I may hold off leaving until I’ve done that. But I don’t really know.

Anyways, I am going to head to bed as that last fireball hit me way harder than it should have. Leave me your question down below I am looking at doing a Q&A soon. As always stay and play safe.


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