Monday 9 December 2013

Oops I Did It Again

I’m not quite sure how it happened but I seem to be the other woman in not one but two relationships right now.

You all know about CM, and we’ve becoming fairly serious however I’m not about to forget the fact that at the end of the day he’s crawling into bed with someone else. It’s not in my personality to sit around waiting while he’s off having his cake and eating it too. No matter how I feel about the guy.

Saying that I haven’t been out looking for anyone however if the opportunity presents itself I’m not going to turn it down for CM’s sake.

Which brings me to the second and oddly enough more complicated guy. The second guy is not only not single he’ supervisor.

Let me clarify a few things he isn’t my direct supervisor, I’ve never actually worked with him, he does days, I do nights....he’s not a good thing but it’s a little better.... I think. The second thing is his relationship is a dead relationship, he’s pretty much only there because of his kids (and no I’m not taking his word on that, I’ve heard it from other sources too. And PS I know kids are a deal breaker but I’m not about to date the guy so who cares.)

I don’t even know how I got in this situation with the supervisor. One day I was flirting with him like the other 60 guys I work with and then it got Facebook flirty and then there was a cock picture on my phone. I’m not really sure what happened....but I’m not complaining.

He’s not a bad looking guy  and something about him screams great fuck plus I happen to have sleep with a supervisor on my bucket list..... A fact I was only reminded of after I received the cock pic but a nice bonus nonetheless.  Plus if I’m honest and I kind of have to be, after the way things went with my last job, having someone with power in my corner (no matter how he got there) is appealing and kind of comforting.

Saying that I actually feel a lot more secure in this job, thanks to a de-briefer at my old job....I’m a little wiser.

So that brings me to the question of the blog, what is on your sexual bucket list? Let me know in the comment box below. And as always stay and play safe.

The Honest Bitch


  1. Just another SLUT wrecking another woman's marriage... so proud of you Babes!!!


  2. I have missed you!

    1. Not sure why it showed up as anonymous .... But it's me. Hope all is well and you are back to enjoying your weekend -:)

    2. Miss you too hun. It's all so messed up right now I cant even blog about it lol but i'm ok, how are you hun

  3. I don't mean to be rude..however I think...for someone being so honest you're doing a lot of lying. Also the fact that you're looking for men who aren't "on the market" brings up the idea that you have serious instibility issues along with some self worth issues as well. I think you need to play it cool and work on yourself because it sounds like you're trying to fit these men into the place where someone hurt you...parental issue..its not a bad just need some confidence. My opinion.

    1. You're opinion is flawed, and based on the fact I went looking for these mean, which I did not. I also fail to see where the lying is....I'm 100% single and therefore doing nothing wrong... the men on the other hand well that's there problem

    2. kinda agree on that one:PP although i could never do it i think.....i pretty much dont look at guys who re already committed but...if i ever did.....i´d use this excuse as well!!:DD

  4. the damn bucket:PPP it s nearly empty!!!!:PPPP everhow i do have just one guy on list and....even that a stupid one.imean no not the guy is stupid but its dumb to have him on the list even!!!!!!! a. we barely speak.b. it s online. c.he s livin far away like almost other side of europe!!! :PP finally i really dont know even if he s into me at all though i thought he was bit when we met!!!:))) well whatever i still keep him the damn list i just cant let it go:DDDD ust say say its a fntasy list andu gotta have some sort of standards at least even if its fictional.....since my own life s kinda at wreck again just a tad but....i suppose it passes:PPP soon not much choice anyway!!!:PPP