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Friday 5 February 2016

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

I’ve been doing some reading on the notion of “surviving Valentine’s Day” when single. Let me start by saying I’m not certain there is anything to survive; it’s just a day like any other, but it does make for some hilarious reading.

A lot of these so called survival guides suggest avoiding the color red and cheesy films, and heart shaped anything. Some suggest sending yourself flowers and chocolates. Some others go as far as to suggest you shouldn’t even go out of the house or go out with girlfriends because “it’s sad and pathetic”.

I personally think the idea that your relationship status should impede your happiness is sad and pathetic, but each to their own. That said, there are some things I like to do on Valentine’s Day when I’m not romantically attached, to make the day more enjoyable and fun. 

The first and most important is to turn off my phone. There is nothing like a supposed romantic holiday to drag up ghosts from relationships past. The best thing to do to preserve your happiness is turn off your phone and avoid that drama altogether.

The next thing I like to do is have a pamper afternoon; take a long bath, do some masks. Just look after me. I mean…. There’s nobody I love more than me so why not show myself how much I care.

The last thing I like to do is have friends over, have a drink, play some games just have a giggle. Not because I don’t want to be alone, but because it’s fun and why not have fun when everyone else is out fighting because their partner forgot to get them a card.

I’ll be honest, I tend to have much better Valentine’s Day single then I ever have in relationships. Maybe that’s because romance makes me horribly uncomfortable or maybe it’s because Valentine’s is just like any other day and when you treat it special… you’re bound to be disappointed. Whatever the reason, don’t let a calendar determine your happiness.  

Anyways, I have to go and get some much needed sleep. But, before I do I have this question for you, how will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? And will you be spending it single? Let me know your plans in the comment box below. And as always, stay and play, safe.


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