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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Relationship Equality

I’m beginning to think when it comes to the term “relationship equality” men and women have two very different definitions. So different I’m not sure they’re even written in the same language.

When men hear the term relationship equality their brain jumps to physical things like not paying for their date.

When women hear the term relationship equality our brain jumps to emotional/mental things like having an equal say in what happens, where we go, how we get there.

They’re two very different things, and probably the reason why women and men don’t see eye to eye on the topic.

 A lot of men think women mistake equality for chivalry and women think men are idiots.

Take going out for dinner as an example.

Man’s view of equality: The bill comes he pays his half, you pay yours. Or he pays the whole thing and you two go to his afterwards for sex and that balances things out.

Women’s view equality: When making plans where to eat her and her boyfriend talk about where to eat and when together and come to an agreement.

The two sexes really aren’t on the same page.

A farther example of that is men think women see them paying the bill as chivalry. They’re idiots. We see you paying as compensation for the time and money we spent getting ready for the date. Do men think we roll out of bed with a full face of makeup and our hair perfect?

If men think paying half the bill is equality in a relationship, how about we take equal time getting ready for a date too. See how long that lasts before they’re whining about areas needing shaving/waxing and us looking like we just rolled out of bed.

Relationship equality is a strange subject both sides are looking for two very different things out of that statement and neither side is completely wrong or right.

It’s all about give and take and I think on the whole relationships tend to balance out. Women have sex when we really don’t want to; men go to see the latest chick flick they don’t want to. Men want to get drunk and watch sports in peace, we want a nice meal. Everything equals out.

I think the term needs to be replace everything was fine before we started talking about “relationship equality”. It’s give and take and if you’re giving or taking too much it’s called YOU’RE NOT MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!

That’s my opinion let me know yours in the comment box below. As always my dear stay safe.


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