Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cohorted Black Edition: January 2016

 This is going to be a bonus post. I received my Cohorted beauty box yesterday and I thought I’d unbox it for you. This box is pricey. It’s says it’s £35 a month… It’s not, it’s basically £70. You pay £35 your first month and receive nothing. The next month you get charged again and then you get your first box. Which would be fine if it’s worth it, but this is my 3rd box and I’m still unsure.

You do receive higher end items, some of which are awesome, others I’m petty sure are discontinued and nobody else wanted. With that said lets get into the unboxing. 

This month there are 4 items in the box, which I think is the fewest I’ve received so far. I do know they were having issues this month due to flooding so I’m trying to be nice, but I’m not wowed and I sure as hell don’t see £35 worth of product, let alone £70.  
Too Faced: Souls Mates Blushing Bronzer - Carrie & Big:  This would be an awesome item if it weren’t for the fact we received one of these just last month. Luckily last month I got Ross and Rachel and I have enjoyed using it so I’m not heartbroken to receive another one, but, it would have been nice to get something else.    

Cargo: Lip Gloss Quad – Oceania: I HATE lip gloss palettes of any sort. It remains me of being a small kid playing with makeup. I won’t be using this item. It’s a complete throw any.

Lancome: Le Correcteur Pro – 300c bisque: The colour is way off for me to use this product as its intended. I might get some use out of it if I use it as an eye shadow base. But this item is another miss for me.

Too Faced: Lip Injection Color Bomb -  Never Nude Enough: The colour is nice. The product itself was created by the devil. It burns, it smells like plastic and it settles in every line in your lips. It’s the hat trick of shit.  I’ll also say this, I put it on 30 minutes ago and took it off 28 minutes ago, my lips still hurt and I can still smell it.

So clearly this box this month was a complete waste of £35. Hopefully next months will be better, but we’ll have to wait and see. Let me know if you like these unboxing in the comments down below and as always stay and play safe.

The Honest Bitch


  1. You don't pay £70. The date the money is taken is changed so everyone pays for the next months at the same time. It's not hard to understand.

    1. You do pay £70, You receive no goods for your first £35. It is refunded (apparently) when you cancel.