Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Crossing The Line

It’s no secret that when it comes to dating and relationship I’ve been known to make some.....questionable decisions. However despite many years of ill-fated decisions there are a few lines I’ve never crossed.

I’ve never dated a friend’s ex, I’ve never made a pass at married man and I’ve never gotten involved with someone who is already in a relationship.

There’s actually a running joke among my friends about the latter, because despite me being.....me. It’s my friend Courtney (a relationship good two-shoes) who is the homewrecker. In her defence she is now happily married to the man but it doesn’t change the fact she had to break up a home to get him.

For whatever reason this has always been a line I’ve not been willing to cross; in my head once a man is living with a woman he is as good as married and becomes an untouchable.

With that said over resent months I’ve found myself flirting dangerously close to this line and fear it’s only a matter of time before I completely cross it.....if I haven’t already.

And if that sounds ominous, it kind of is. Let me just say I’ve purposely not made any moves and have taken the back seat in all this because somehow in my head it makes it a little less bad.....but in all fairness...it doesn’t.

It all started with some harmless messages, then some harmless flirting, at which point he told me he liked me and I made my position clear. Then he gave me a cuddle and as ridiculous as it may sound, my will to resist him severely depleted.

You’ve heard of pussy whipped, it’s quite possible I’m cuddle whipped. What I can I say the man give the best hugs on the planet, when his arms are around me it feels like a meteor could fall from the sky and I’d be safe. (That might be the lamest thing I’ve ever said.)  

After the cuddles weakened my defense we started flirting more and more; once again with him taking the lead because someone that makes it better. Then one night some flirty messages turned a little (ok a lot) risqué and a line might have been crossed. (Yeah, I know I’m a bad person.)

Saying that in theory we’ve done nothing wrong, reality might be a different matter but in theory we’re golden. The most we’ve done in person is cuddle and that’s not a crime, it’s socially acceptable for two friends to cuddle. So by all rights I shouldn’t feel guilty............Right?

But I do, I really do, especially because I know damn well the next time I see him that “in theory” is going out the window because he’s going try to kiss me and I’m going to let him. I shouldn’t, I know shouldn’t but I going to. I know all of this is a horrible idea but what if it isn’t?

Let me know what you guys think in the comment box below and as always my dears stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch


  1. Call it whatever you want, maybe just a coincidence, but I have not been blogging since ... well since my last post over a month ago, and then today for some odd reason, I decided to check on our blog, and since there was nothing there, I decided to check on your blog and see how you are doing ... and I found this post. Here is my advice: it seems we all think about the past too much and worry about the future too much. You are not even sure he will try kissing you. But if he does, well see what happens. You might surprise yourself and push him away and be the good girl, you might start unbuttoning his shirt and have bathroom sex, and be the worst girl ever, or the kiss might suck and he will just be the "greatest cuddler in the world." but regardless do what feels right, or should I say what feels right, and if its a mistake, it will be in the past and you can move on. Mistakes rarely kill anyone, do they?
    I have missed you.

    1. I've missed you too girl, soooo much. I haven't been able to get anywhere near your blog it wont let for some reason :-(

      He actually kissed me yesterday lol That blog is to come. But you are so right, you always have the best advice :-)