Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Honest Bitch Helps

I’m going try something new today. I get asked a lot of relationship questions so instead of answer just the person that asks I figured well I’m not getting any and blog material is limited why not try and get a blog out of it.

Here is my disclaimer, I’m not qualified in any way to give advice, listen to me at your own risk. I will give you the same advice I’d give my best friend and I will be completely honest with you. However people are idiots and things don’t anyways work out.

I will never post the email or message, I will also not post any names this way people can stay anonymous. I’ll just post the question and any important details to that question.

Question: My boyfriend and I have broken up and I want him back, what should I do?

Right now I’m willing to bet you miss the idea of him more then you actually miss him. You miss having someone there that cares about you. This is completely understandable but the answer isn’t running back to a relationship that failed.

Try spending time with your friends. You may not feel like it but do it anyways. Have a girl’s night in watch chick flicks, eat ice cream and gossip. If nothing else it’ll take your mind off things.

When you’re starting to feel better and are ready to go out. Do your makeup and hair and just look hot. If you don’t feel hot, fake it. Some of the best revenge you can have is looking good and having fun. Making him think about what he lost.

I’ve found it takes a week for every month you were together to get over a breakup so do expect a quick fix but if you can keep yourself busy and feel good about yourself, it makes it a lot easier. You guys broke up a reason, chalk it up to bad luck and try to move on.

-The Honest Bitch

I hope that helps a little. It’s the same advice I use myself and give to my friends. If you have any other question, feel free to message me and I’ll try my best to answer them. I’m heading off for the night so as always stay safe.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch

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  1. Great advice THB I have a question for you:

    My boyfriend doesn't seem to want to spend time with me. What can I do to change that?