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Friday 13 January 2017

Beautylish 2017 Lucky Bag

This morning my 2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag finally arrived and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do an unboxing for you.

Every year Beautylish do these lucky dip bags for $75 and you get items valuing at least twice that amount. I am an international customer, so on top that I have to pay $15 shipping and $18 duty so in total my bag/box costs $108 roughly £89.

From watching a lot of un-boxings I knew what the first item was from the shape before I even unwrapped it. And sadly I wasn't very happy about it. It was the Wayne Goss "The Brow Set". Don't get me wrong the brand is fantastic, however I don't do my brows. The item itself is worth $55 so I knew right off the bat a large chuck of the value of the box was an item I wouldn't get much use from.

The next item was also one I was hoping not to get. It was Clean Apothecary - brush shampoo in rose. I am loyal to my beauty blender solid, nothing works as well as it does. I will give this a try, but I would have rather just skipped it. It sells for £15 on Beautylish so not worth a lot from the total of the box so I can live with it.

Next up was RMS- Buriti Bronzer retailing for $28 on Beautylish. This product is listed as a bronzer, however, it is packaged like a cream shadow you'd struggle to get a bronzer brush in the pot. RMS is not a brand I've used so I can't comment on that. I did swatch the product and it feels like an oily mess. I think as a bronzer it would clog pores and break me out and as a cream shadow it would crease like a bitch, so I think i'll be passing this item on.

The next item in the box was the IT Cosmetics - Super Hero mascara. I've heard good things about it. It's a good brand and I'll use it so I'm happy about that. Not really wowed by it being in the box, but useful. It retails for $24 on Beautylish.

I have mixed feeling about the next item, Jeffree Star - Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgymy. I love the color and have I heard good things about the formula. However, I don't support Jeffree Star. In the same way I don't buy Lime Crime, I don't buy Jeffree Star. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Like I said I love the color and I didn't buy it as such, but, I think I might have to give it away. It retails for $18.

The last item in the box was one I was actually happy to see. It was the Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette 02. I won't waffle on about this, everyone and their dog knows how high quality her shadows are. These 5 pan pallets retails $48 on Beautylish and if you can swing them are worth every penny.

My total lucky bag was worth $188, with shipping and duty I paid  $108 for mine. I wouldn't have paid $108 for the items in the box personally. However, that's just the luck of the draw and risk you take with any beauty box. That said, I will try and land myself another box next year and hopefully I'll like it a little better.

Did you get the 2017 lucky bag? And if you did, what did you get in yours? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Thursday 4 June 2015

The Glamour Summer Edit

 I woke up this morning to the arrival of my Latest In Beauty – The Glamour Summer Edit box, since it’s been a few months since I’ve done an unboxing and because despite receiving a load of subscription boxes I was really excited about this one I thought I’d share it.

When I opened the box the first thing I saw was the temporary tattoos. This is a throwaway item to me. I know they’re all the rage right now and a completely valid thing to include. However, I’m an adult (apparently), and these remind of being kid and getting them as a prize at the bottom of a cereal box and to be honest, I didn’t like them then.

The next item was Eucerin SPF 30 Facial Sun Cream; it’s a summer box and SPF is important so I can’t complain. It’s not super exciting, but I’ll definitely use it. 

Balance Me, Super Toning Body Polish is the next item in this box. Like the sun cream, it’s not overly exciting, but useful. If you want you tan to last it’s important to exfoliate. Since I work nights and I’m pretty sure the sun in a myth, I like to help any tan I do get, to last as long as humanly possible, since I never know when I may see the sun again. Smell wise, it’s a little herbal for my liking and also after swatching it, it doesn’t feel all the gritty so we’ll have to see how well this actually works. 

 The next item is the L’Occitance Shampoo and Conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner isn’t normally something I’m happy to see in a subscription box. but this is L’Occitance we’re talking about here. It’s a very high end brand. My only problem with it is the smell, I had to give away a hand cream that worked fantastically because I wouldn’t get over that overly masculine smell. I’m just hoping the smell doesn’t linger in my hair.

Vita Liberata – Trystal Minerals is the next item in the box. Unlike some of the other items, this is both exciting and frighten. It’s a self-tanning bronzer. You apply it like a normal bronzer and throughout the day it develops into a natural looking tan that last up to 5 days… or so it claims. 

 Next up we have Caudalie – Divine Oil; I’ve never tried this before, but I haven’t met a Caudalie product I don’t like so I’m excited to give it a go. It doesn’t have the classic Caudalie smell, it smells kind of like baby oil, but that won’t stop me from giving it a go.

Pixi Glow Tonic is next up, this is a cult classic that I’ve been waiting to try for forever, but Pixi products are hard to come by in the UK. It’s a tiny sample only 15ml but it doesn’t make me any less excited. It’s meant to tighten, tone, exfoliate and leave you with a glow, we’ll see if it does any of what it claims, but I’m sure it’s a cult classic for a reason. 
 Next up is Bourjois – Colour Boost in 04 Peach on the Beach. I like the formula, it’s very moisturizing. The colour on the other hand isn’t my favourite. It’s a pretty coral colour, but I try to avoid them. I find coral colours tend to make my teeth look yellow and that’s just not a cute look.

The final item in the box is this Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polish in Uptown. I’d be more excited for this item if I hadn’t bought 2 nail polish this week in a very similar colour. That said, I love Nail Inc nail polish, its good formula that normally lasts on me. So I can’t really complain. 

Overall I’m really impressed with this box. At £17.99 it seems like a fair price for everything you get. Yes some things aren’t super exciting but minus the tattoos everything in the box is useful. Plus you get some high end brands which is always a good thing.

So let me know what you think about LIB’s latest offering in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.

The Honest Bitch

Saturday 14 February 2015

My Little Box

To my absolute horror you guys seemed to really enjoy the MEMEBOX unboxing I did last month. I have a new found respect for beauty bloggers everywhere, I did not realize how much work goes into those seemly simple posts. But since you guys seemed to enjoy that one so much, I thought I’d share with you one of the other subscription boxes I get…. Like I said I’m kind of addicted to them.

The box I’m sharing with you this time, is the “My Little Box” which is a French subscription box, this month’s box is the “My Little Frenchie Box”. Which, as always, comes beautifully boxed, and with a bunch of paper crap I’m never going to read. This month’s box came with 6 items, 4 of them makeup and 2 life style items. 

My Little Beauty - Complexion Enhancer – Glowing Skin: was the first item I saw when I opened this box. The random bits of paper says it retails for £9.50. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what this product is, and I’ve already given it away so I won’t be trying it. It’s just not my thing.

DHC – Blotting papers: was the next item I saw, retailing for £4. They’re made from 100% natural hemp fibres and like all blotting papers are designed to absorb oil. I don’t really have oily skin, but I shall keep them around and give them a try.

L’Oreal Paris – Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper: Is a really long name for brow gel. I was gifted with pretty eyebrows so I have also already given away this product. It retails for £5.99 just in case you care.

By Terry – Terrybly Khol Crayon: Retailing for £23, understandably when I saw this eyeliner in the box was more than a little happy. In the colour 3 – Bronzer Generation which is black with bronze glitter is actually useable, which is a major plus. I haven’t used it yet, however, I did swatch it on my hand and the bad boy is going nowhere.

Smartphone Case: This ugly, ugly bit of cardboard and fabric retails for £16 apparently…. Moving on.

Pot Of Messages: This pot of special messages to brighten your day retails for £6.50 and is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Forgetting the fact the one I opened was misspelled, I just don’t see the point however, the bottle was adorable, so that’s something.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’ve been meaning to cancel this box since before Christmas, however, I’m lazy and every time I plan to do it they put a damn item in the box I fall in love with. This month being that £23 eyeliner. The box itself cost £11 plus £3.95 p&p, which works out less than the cost of the liner, so once again, I think the box lives on another month. I will say this, if you enjoy lifestyle items, give this box a go. They aren’t my favourite hence my love/hate relationship with this box.

As always, that’s just my thoughts and opinions, but I love to hear yours. And if you have any subscription box suggests, leave them for me in the comment box below. As always my dears stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch