Friday 30 October 2015

Quick Update

I’m so frustrated this post is late, I’ve been on top of my game all month, running about 2 weeks ahead and then last week happened, which I did account for. However, nobody thinks their hangover will last 4 days and that caught me out.

Had this week been a normal week all would have been fine but it’s not. Since I broke up from work Tuesday I’ve jumped straight into rehearsals. I took this role on at the last minute as a favor, so I’ve had 2 months’ worth of work to cram into 4 and half days. I’ve barely had time to pee let alone write.

But I wanted to jump on here and post something even if it’s a crappy update post. That said, I have to go and get ready for a dress rehearsal, the play is tomorrow. Wish me luck…. I may need it. I’m struggling with a few lines…..script work has never been my thing.

Love you guys, and since it's Halloween, the sluttest of all the holidays, make sure you play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

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